A private on-line space for your community to share life together in prayer

A Prayer Community

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (ESV)

Each one of our college, church, and ministry clients has their own private on-line space for their community to pray together

Safe and Convenient

It’s a safe place for your community to pray together 24/7 from anywhere.

Topic Driven

This is a topic-driven social media tool for people who want to grow spiritually in community.

Transparency in the Church

72Stories was designed to encourage transparency in Christian communities, something dearly needed in our church.

A Gift to Jesus Christ

Developed by a skilled web developer and prayer warrior whose heart was transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.


72Stories is affordable. Ministries pay a per subscriber annual fee of $ 5 or less.

Management Services

Ministries can ask Gramazin to manage everything for them for affordable fee.

It is the place for communities to pray about real life in the 21st century.

It was designed for people to pray about issues like broken homes, financial crises, health concerns, relationship conflict, temptations, addictions, worldly values, anxieties, insecurities, trauma, and experiencing genuine, authentic and life-changing faith. And much more!


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Social Media For Spiritual Growth

A social media feed of prayers and prayer responses shared by members of your community.

Private Community Space

Each ministry has it’s own private space just for members of the community.

Ministry Registration Codes

Subscribers register using a unique code we give to each of our ministry clients.

We Cater to Anonymous Subscribers

Each individual can be anonymous by using a ficticious Biblical name.

Free for Individual subscribers

Our ministry clients purchase annual subscriptions for their community, free for subscriber.

Set Default Prayer Feed

Subscriber can choose the group, event, or class prayer feed that loads when they login.

Topic-Driven Prayers

Subscribers choose from a library of prayer topics to share their spiritual journey.

Read Subscriber's Prayers

Quick click to read all the prayers posted by an individual.

Upload Prayer Images

Subscriber has option to upload a photo associated with their prayer.

Search Prayers for Keywords

Subscribers can search all prayers for a specific keyword or view all prayers of a prayer topic.

Site Administration

Easy-to-use dashboard for ministry staff to administrate ministry's space.

Email Notifications

Subscribers can setup email notifications to keep up-to-date with community prayer posts.

Security Settings

Subscribers can easily change their security settings 24/7.

72-Hour Erase

A 72-hour prayer erase function is available for ministries to manage security.

Report Abusive Prayers

Subscribers can report to the Site Administrator prayers that are abusive.

Quick "I Prayed For This"

Quick click to say you prayed for a subcriber's prayer post.

Prayer Post Management

Subscriber can mark their prayer as answered. They can edit and hide their prayer.

Donate Prayer Function

Subscribers can donate prayers into a library for other subscribers who can’t find the right words.

About Gramazin

72Stories is a solution developed by Gramazin (amazing grace). The Gramazin mission is to invent, market, sell, and service technology solutions that communicate to the world that Jesus Christ really does change lives. The Gramazin goal is that it will become standard design practice for churches and ministries to feature testimonies of the transforming love of Jesus Christ on their website home page. Our mission objectives include:

  1. People are encouraged to surrender their lives to the transforming love of God - Our publications, such as our two-volume book Take Every Thought to Prayer, help people discover the story of God’s faithfulness in their lives. When people understand that, they are more likely to share their story with others.

  2. Believers are equipped to share their stories of Jesus Christ’s love in their life - Our web prayer application www.72stories.com creates a culture of transparency in our churches. We help believers with the next step, preparing and sharing their testimonies with their neighbors in crisis. Visit to learn about our mobile-friendly private on-line space for your community to share life together through prayer. Introduce it to ministry leaders in your network.

  3. Churches are equipped to publish believer stories on the front page of their website. - We are not only the experts on church website content across America, we are also the one-stop-shop a church can count on once they decide testimonies should be featured on the home page of their website.

  4. Society is made aware of the presence of testimonies on church websites. - We create awareness of our mission through our prayer ministry. Read our Prayers for the World blog where we pray for people, places, and issues in the news. When the time is right, we will use technology and PR to tell the world that testimonies can be found on church websites.

  5. Believers invite their neighbors in need to come into the church and encounter the stories face-to-face - We use technology to encourage believers to get involved in local outreach ministries, building relationships with their hurting neighbors. In private conversations, they direct their neighbors to be inspired by the testimonies on local church websites.


About Charles Wagner

Founder of Gramazin and Designer of 72Stories

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